Getting Started with Medeo

You have just taken the first step towards bettering your health!

We use a tool called Medeo to book appointments and provide tele-medicine services.

The guide below will help you lear the simple steps to use the system.

To visit your doctor or nurse practitioner virtually from your phone or computer, follow this simple guide.
Your next visit could be from the comfort of your own home with Medeo.

Get Set Up

  • Please provide your email address to the Receptionist (or front desk)
  • An emailed Appointment Request will arrive from your Doctor
  • Accept your Appointment Invitation
  • Create a New Medeo Account or Sign In with an Existing Account
  • Your Appointment is Confirmed

Get Started

  • Log in to Medeo 10 minutes before your appointment using the Medeo App, or on your Desktop Computer at
  • Your appointment will be in “Today’s Appointments”
  • Select “Start Appointment,” review your information, and click continue
  • You will be prompted to check and test your Audio and Video Settings
  • Enjoy a convenient, virtual visit!

What you’ll need:

  • For Desktop Setup – Google Chrome, webcam, speakers
  • For Mobile Setup (iOS/Android)
  • Download the Medeo App
  • High Speed Internet connection

Download the app and start your
healthcare journey with Medeo.

or visit

We will see you at your appointment.

See you soon!
NP Health Clinic

PS: Please take a look at our free assessment available to you. We can discuss (if you would like) your assessment at your next appointment.

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